The purpose of the RI NOW Political Action Committee is to elect progressive women and other feminist candidates to state and local office in Rhode Island.


In the 2018 election cycle the RI NOW PAC is proud to endorse the following slate of 74 candidates. Stay tuned for more endorsements!

Statewide Office

Governor- Governor Gina Raimondo

Lt. Governor- Representative Aaron Regunberg

Treasurer- Treasurer Seth Magaziner

Secretary of State- Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea


Sam Bell, District 5

Jeanine Calkin, District 30

Sandra Cano, District 8

Cynthia Coyne, District 32

Alana DiMario, District 36

Shannon Donahue, District 7

Jennifer Douglas, District 34

Melanie DuPont, District 22

Dawn Euer, District 13

Gayle Goldin, District 3

Jonathan Hernandez, District 6

Val Lawson, District 14

Joshua Miller, District 28

Melissa Murray, District 24

Ryan Pearson, District 19

Paul Roselli, District 23

Adam Satchell, District 9

Bridget Valverde, District 35


Edith Ajello, District 1

Karen Alzate, District 60

Laufton Ascencao, District 68

Jean Philippe Barros, District 59

David Bennett, District 20

Chris Blazejewski, District 2

Justine Caldwell, District 30

Lauren Carson, District 75

Julie Casimiro, District 31

Liana Cassar, District 66

Terri Cortvriend, District 72

Susan Donovan, District 69

Kathleen Fogarty, District 35

Arthur Handy, District 18

Katherine Kazarian, District 63

Dwayne Keys, District 9

Rebecca Kislak, District 4

Jason Knight, District 67

Vincent Marzullo, District 26

Carol Hagan McEntee, District 33

Joseph McNamara, District 19

Mario Mendez, District 13

Lauren Niedel, District 40

Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, District 5

Mary Ann Shallcross Smith, District 46

Evan Shanley, District 24

Michael Steiner, District 41

Deborah Ruggiero, District 74

Teresa Tanzi, District 34

Moira Walsh, District 3

City/Town Council

Suzy Alba, Smithfield

Abel Gifford Collins, South Kingstown

Caryn Corethal, East Greenwich

John Donegan, Cranston Ward 3

Justice Gaines, Providence Ward 1

Deya Garcia, Providence Ward 8             

Liz Gledhill, South Kingstown

Gail Harvey, Cranston At-Large

Ryan Holt, Providence Ward 2

Meghan Kallman, Pawtucket Ward 5

Kat Kerwin, Providence Ward 12

Nirva LaFortune, Providence Ward 3

Valerie Larkin, Newport Ward 2

Sarah Lee, Cranston At-Large

Cynthia Long-Raterron, Jamestown

Rachel Miller, Providence Ward 13

Sabina Matos, Providence Ward 15

Angela McCalla, Newport Ward 1

Jeremy Rix, Warwick Ward 2

June Sager Speakman, Warren

Lammis Vargas, Cranston Ward 1

Jessica Vega, Central Falls Ward 5